Control your Emotions

Control your Emotions to avoid the Domino Effect

How to control our Negative Emotions and avoid the Domino Effect

When you Google the definition of the Domino Effect, you’ll find that;

“it is the cumulative effect produced when one event sets off a chain of like events.”

An Emotion is a Natural State. As such, we all experience it regularly. As a Natural State, you can’t get rid of the Emotions. You cannot get rid of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Anxiety in as much as you can’t get rid of Love, Joy, Happiness.

Luckily, though, you can control your emotions.

We all have experienced Negative Emotions from time to time. This is not a problem. Usually, these Negative Emotions stem from an event in the past. We may not even remember it, or we might not think of it as a big deal.

Negative Emotions become a problem when they go unchecked.

When you are constantly angry, or sad, or frustrated, they are a problem for your everyday life. It also happens when an event in the present triggers some old memories. These can set off a chain of events just like the Domino Effect.

For example:

You have a family and a career. Wonderful! You know that you have the ability and competence to do both.

But for some reason, when you are at work, you feel guilty for leaving the children, perhaps due to an event that has happened in the past which makes you feel guilty now.

Guilt can lead to lack of focus at work, which leads to insecurity. Your insecurity can lead to anxiety, and the anxiety can lead to insomnia.

Another example:

You’ve got your dream job. You’re excited about being in a position of leadership, about having new responsibilities.

Then something happens and the excitement turns into Fear, perhaps the same Fear that has been neglected for many years.

Fear leads to procrastination and procrastination turns into a feeling of being stuck. This turns into not being able to take actionwhich turns into not having the results you want.

One more common example:

You have decided to change your career. You know what you want to do, you’ve done your research on how to do it and you are set up for a new beginning.

Then perhaps somebody makes a negative comment about your decision which puts a doubt in you. This doubt turns into self-doubt, the same self-doubt that you have been carrying with you for years.

Self-Doubt turns into Limiting Beliefs such as “I’m not good enough for that”, or “now it’s not the right time”, which then turns into Lack of Confidence and Frustration. These Negative Emotions may then lead you to give up your dream.

How do you control Negative Emotions and avoid the Domino Effect?

First of all, we need to find the Root Cause, the first event that the brain connected a Negative Emotion to the event. Now, for every Negative Event there are Positive or Resourceful Learnings. 

Using Time Line Therapy©, we can disconnect the Negative Emotion from the first event. You will keep the Positive Learnings, so you can use them whenever you need them, Now or in the Future.


Control you emotions and stop the domino effect
Control you emotions and stop the domino effect

Learn to Control your Emotions.

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