What is Hypnotherapy

Control your Emotions to avoid the Domino Effect
This is the question I’m asked the most whenever people ask me what I do for a living.

Most people think hypnotherapy has something to do with stop smoking,
perhaps because friends or acquaintances had done so successfully if I
may add.

Some people think it is related to mind control because of the bad press it
has on film, usually psychological thrillers or television programmes.

Few people think that it is about putting them to sleep and when they wake
up at the count of ten, all their negative experiences will be gone.

All these ideas about hypnotherapy could not be further from the truth.

So, what is hypnotherapy after all?

To put it simply, hypnotherapy is a conversation with the unconscious mind, where the root cause of any given problem resides.

The problem can be fear, anger, lack of confidence, insecurity etc.

As a hypnotherapist, it is my job to facilitate this conversation so my clients
can find the solution to a specific problem.

And when they take action to implement their own solution to a problem, the results are deeply transformative.

Deeply transformative is what my clients say to describe their experience with hypnotherapy because in their opinion the best solution to consistently implement is their own.