Are you busy or productive?

You work hard during the day, you are on your feet all day long.

You get home feeling mentally and physically exhausted and when you take stock of the day you find out that you have accomplished nothing.

Does it sound familiar? It certainly used to for me.

I used to work as hard as I possibly could and, at the end of the day, it felt like I had achieved nothing.

The reason was that I used to think that being busy and being productive were the same thing.

Being busy is completely different from being productive.

Being busy all day long doesn’t necessarily mean that you have accomplished. something or produced something at the end of that day.

It just means feeling exhausted which in turn adds to the frustration and the stress of being constantly on your feet and getting very little results.

Being busy also leads to exhaustion which then leads to lack of sleep.

When you don’t sleep well, you wake up tired, without energy so you start your day already tired, and you can only imagine how you will feel at the end
of the day: exhausted, irritable, stressed.

What to do to break this cycle, you may wonder.

First, you need to understand that being busy is not the same as being productive.

Second, take a break during the day, not any kind of break. Give your mind a break.

When you know that you are so tired that you cannot think, that’s when you need to give your mind a break.

Here’s how you do it:

For one minute, and if you need it time it, sit with yourself.

Relax your mind by allowing your thoughts to come in and out of your awareness.

You are not focussing on anything. It feels as if your thoughts are wandering in and out of your awareness.

When you give your mind a break, you may still feel tired, but you are not exhausted.

You create space in your mind to think easily and effortlessly.

And when you are ready to settle for the night, you will fall asleep easily and naturally.

Let’s take action right now.

Perhaps tonight, when you are about to settle for the night, instead of reading or checking your social media, give your mind a break.

For one minute, allow your thoughts to wander in and out of your awareness and see what happens.

Perhaps you find that you had a restful night and you wake up rested and energised.

Now, if you think that you don’t have time to take a break then let’s have a chat.

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I’m here to support you and to help you give your mind a break.

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