So they say.

Some of you may even think that you are too old to learn new tricks.

Well, I beg to differ.

Learning is natural and therefore you learn all the time.

Every time you try something new, that’s learning; every time you do something that you have never done before, that’s also learning.

Now if you are still not convinced, think about all the things you had learned before you first went to school.

Think about all the things you had learned without realising that you were learning. For example, from the moment you were born you learned that when you cried there was always someone there to check on you.

You also learned habits, such as brush your teeth and have a bath; you learned behaviour such as how you should behave and how you shouldn’t. Your leaned boundaries, places where you were not allowed to go because they were not safe for you and places that were fine.

You learned from a very young age how to interact with others, how to socialise with big people or little people perhaps in the playground. All this had happened before you went to school.

You had learned to speak a language before you went to school and depending on your family background, some of you had learned two languages before you sat down in a classroom.

Learning has nothing to do with age.

Learning is about choice and the choice is always yours.

Let’s take action right now.

When you think about learning, understand it as something natural, know that your brain is designed to adapt and learn thus making learning unconscious and most importantly know that learning is a choice. It’s a choice because you choose to learn what’s relevant to you in any now moment.

When you truly understand that learning is natural, unconscious and a choice you will know that learning is ageless.

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