Are you so very busy that you believe you don’t have time to do the things you want?

Experts believe that the malaise of this century is Stress.

When you believe that you are too busy to take a break during the day or too busy to do the things you want, you create a limiting belief that you
cannot do things that you really enjoy doing.

You also create the limiting beliefs that you don’t have time to do anything except being busy.

Moreover, truly believe that you can only relax a few weeks a year when you go on holiday.

Here’s another question for you:

Is being busy the same as being productive?

Absolutely not!

When you are busy when you are running around like crazy when you have this constant need to be doing things even over the weekend, the only thing you produce is stress and exhaustion.

The human body needs to recharge.

The human body can only recharge when you allow it to rest.

The mind also needs to rest in order to give you clarity and resources when you need to make a decision or a choice.

Know this, you do have time to take a break during the day.

You do have time to do the things you enjoy doing.

Having time is not a question of being busy or even being productive.

It’s a question of choice.

The key to choose is being aware of what you do during the day.

Being aware of how you go about your day; if you are busy for the sake of being busy or if you are being productive.

That brings us to this week’s challenge.

Be aware of what you do during the day.

You know you can do anything you want but you cannot do everything.

Pay attention to how you spend your day.

If you are not happy, if you are frustrated if you have the feeling that you have not accomplished anything, if you are exhausted, then let’s have a chat.

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