Emotions are part of who we are, they are part of our very fabric.

Emotions are what makes us humans.

The purpose of this blog is not to get into a philosophical discussion on emotions. On the contrary, this blog is about what some of you think about emotions.

Let me explain. More often than not I hear some of you say that you refuse to feel angry or sad. I hear some of you say that you choose to be happy all the time.

As much as I agree that your emotional state is a choice, being happy all the time and most importantly refusing to feel any kind of negative emotion such as anger, sadness, fear and so is just not sustainable.

Let me demonstrate. The past couple of years have been extremely challenging and it is only natural that you feel worried, insecure, stressed and even anxious. Even though these are all negative emotions it is safe to say that’s what most of you have been feeling in the last couple of years.

That is not a problem.

The problem is denying these emotions.

The way I look at emotions is the way I look at the waves in the sea; they come and go and therefore they are a continuum in our life.

When you receive any piece of good news you naturally get excited, happy. It feels like the waves have hit the shore. Then the excitement turns into neutrality the same way the waves go back to the sea.

The same motion happens when you receive some bad news. You naturally get frustrated, sad and even angry and then eventually you reach neutrality again.

The act of reaching neutrality means finding your balance.

In short, after any surge of emotions, there is always balance.

Let’s take action right now.

Find your balance by being true to your emotions. If you have reasons to be happy or sad feel happy or sad until your reach neutrality, until you find your balance.

You may find your balance through meditation, relaxation, journaling whatever means is best for you.

If in this very moment you feel that you’ve been nursing anger, sadness, fear or anxiety and you can’t find your balance then let’s have a chat.

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