Being positive about mistakes

What is your opinion on making mistakes?

Do you beat yourself up every time you make a mistake, or do you see it as a different way of learning?

Nobody likes to make mistakes. I certainly don’t.

I get annoyed and frustrated when I make a mistake, especially when my computer or my phone takes turn in disobeying me. I push a bottom expecting one thing and something completely different happens.

How annoying!

How do you feel when you make a mistake?

Some of you may beat yourselves up.

Some of you may put all your focus and energy on the mistake that you ended up not seeing how what you were doing didn’t go the way you wanted.

So, what can you do?

Here are my three tips to avoid this negative mindset about mistakes.

  • Focus on the results. For everything you do, you expect to have results. When you focus on results, especially when you have the results you didn’t want, it gives you the opportunity to change. It also gives you the courage to keep going till you get the results you want.
  • Ask questions such as “from the results I have, what if I do it another way?” “How can I change this?” and “Who can help me?” These three questions are in my opinion gold dust because they stimulate curiosity. When you are curious you carry on until you find the answer.
  • Take mistake out of the equation. When you do that, all you have is a different way of learning, because what you have in front of you is just a different outcome from what you expected. From the emotional point of view different is not necessarily negative.

So, let’s take action right now.

When you are starting a project or if you are already in the middle of a project, take the mistake out of the equation.
Instead, think of it as a different way of learning.

Ask yourself the gold dust questions; “What if I do it in another way?”, “How can I do it differently?” and “Who can help me?”

Always focus on the results so you can change them if you are not happy with them.

And most important of all, pay attention to how you feel when you take mistakes out of the equation.

If by any chance you think that you can only see mistakes as something to beat yourself up, then let’s have chat.

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I am here to support you and encourage you to see any mistake as a different way of learning.

Please share this blog with others so they can take mistakes out of the equation.