It’s extremely important to celebrate achievements, be them big or small.

There are two reasons why you should always do it.

First, probably, even as a child, you had to do something to get the present that you wanted.

For you to get that present there could have been some sort of work. Perhaps your parents told you to behave, or do your homework, or to brush your teeth.  What matters are the emotions related to it.

In my case it was to brush my hair, I had a thing of not brushing my hair at all, hence the short hair!

Then, even if you achieved something small, what you felt then afterwards was probably extreme pleasure, satisfaction and joy.

This is the key to the celebration because the brain then produces serotonin, which is also known as the happy chemical.
Serotonin is a neural transmitter that sends a message to the brain to let it know that we are happy.
So, it is not truly important what you achieve but what is really important are the emotions around the achievement.

The second reason is to remember how good it is to feel good.

When you are in the process of achieving a goal, sometimes things don’t go as planned. There might be some obstacles along the way and you might doubt yourself.
In these cases, what you need to do is remember the things you have already achieved.
All those things and the emotions linked to those achievements will support you, will push you forward, will help you to keep going until you achieve this goal now and many more goals to come.

Now, how can we celebrate achievements?

The process is extremely easy.

  • First of all, you have to choose five memories, as far back as you can remember. Perhaps getting a toy, a medal on Sports Day, perhaps your first kiss. It doesn’t matter, just think of something.
  • When you have a memory, remember the feeling attached to that memory, perhaps joy.
  • So, bring this Joy to the present time, to your body in the present time. See the joy as if you were seeing it through a magnifying glass. Make it big, then huge. Keep growing these feelings until you are done with the first memory.
  • Then, pick the second memory and stack it, doing the same with the emotion connected to it, perhaps excitement. So, stack the excitement on top of the joy and amplify it using your magnifying glass.
  • Keep doing this, stacking these emotions for the third, fourth and fifth memory. Perhaps you’ve just got back from a wonderful holiday, do the same. Or anything else, you got a promotion, or you had good results with a client, or you are about to buy a house, or you got the girl or the guy. Anything. Just feel them and amplify these emotions, making them really big.

So, when you need them all you have to do is remember one memory and the emotions connected to it.

This will support and keep you going until you achieve all your goals.

Because, as I said, it is always good to feel good!

Now if you are having difficulties in accessing these emotions, then let’s chat. Get in touch and I’ll be happy to help you or repeat the process with you.

And please share this article with your friends, because a celebration is always a celebration and it is always good to feel good!

Here’s a video version of this article on how and why to celebrate achievements:

Celebrate achievements, be them big or small
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Celebrate achievements, be them big or small
In this article, I will explain to you why we should always celebrate achievements, be them big or small, and how to do it!
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