You have standards.
You have high standards.
Perhaps you have extremely high standards.

I know you have standards. I also know that you may even have high standards.

However, some of you may have extremely high standards that it is humanly impossible to live up to them.

You set up your standards according to your values, your beliefs and according to the perception you have of yourself and that is not a problem.

The problem is when you set up standards that are impossible to live up to them. Now if you ask yourself the reason for setting up such impossible standards you will find out that it may be due to a lack of confidence, lack of self-belief, lack of self-worth or most importantly your need to be perfect.

As you know you are not perfect you set your standards to fail.

Worse of all, you hide behind this “perfectionism” so you don’t have to accomplish anything.

Now here is the thing, it is in not being perfect that you change, that you learn, that you grow and evolve.

So let’s take action right now.

When you think about your standards, be aware of how high they are. If you are comfortable with them, if you are confident that you can live up to those high standards, then keep them high.

If, on the other hand you know that they are too high to the point that it is humanly impossible to live up to them and that you know you will fail, then change them.

When I say change your standards, I don’t mean for you to make them low.

I mean for you to make them human, so you can achieve what you want to achieve.

If at this very moment you know that your standards are so high that you set yourself to fail, then let’s have a chat.

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