Change is natural.

Change happens all the time.

There are two kinds of change; the change that you are ready for, that you want to happen, that you choose to happen. This kind of change seems natural because it’s based on your choice. Even if there’s a level of uncertainty you embrace this kind of change because you feel that you need some change to happen.

The second kind of change is the one that you don’t see it coming and therefore you are not ready for it.

This kind of change is not based on choice, it’s just life happening in a way that is out of your control. A good example of it is the pandemic that most of us didn’t see it coming and none of us wanted it to have happened.

The second kind of change is naturally the one that you are the most resistant of; you don’t want it; you want to keep things as they are.

Now here’s the thing, resistance to change causes anxiety, stress, frustration, fear and anger.

Resistance to change also uses up a lot of your energy because of the effort you constantly have to make to consistently keep resisting to something that perhaps is here to stay.

Instead of resisting, I ask you to consider choosing to adapt this change to fit in our lifestyle.

By choosing to adapt it you make this change your own, and by making it your own you’ll notice that the anxiety, stress, fear and anger disappear.

Let’s take action right now.

When change is inevitable, be aware of it.
Be aware of how you see and feel it.
Ask yourself if you are resisting this change and if you are, choose to make it your own, knowing that in time you can change the change because you make it your own.

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