Changes in menopause are natural.

Change, in general, is a natural part of Life. Everything changes, all the time.
Nature changes, the seasons change, the weather changes, sometimes, depending on where you live, it changes several times a day.
Human Beings change; with the advance of technology our lifestyle has changed dramatically. Sometimes, changes are for the better, for example, thanks to the internet and smartphones, now it’s much easier to connect with literally the whole world. Conversely, sometimes changes are for the worse, like Climate Change and the abuse of Social Media.

As in Life, change sometimes is easy sometimes it can be challenging. However, yet either easier or more challenging, change happens all the time.

Change is natural and for us women so is the Change, the sum of our changes in menopause.

Our changes in menopause are what distinguishes us from men. The other one is motherhood.
Since the 1960s, with the advance of medicine, and the introduction of the contraceptive pill, we have been able to choose when and/or if we want to have children.

Not with our changes in menopause, though. We have no say over them, we have no choice over them. They will happen whether we want it or not.

Like any change, the changes in menopause for some women will be easy and for others, like myself, they will be challenging, but it is natural, nonetheless.
Now if we change our understanding of our changes in menopause to being as natural as Life itself, perhaps we could just flow with it.
Change is evolution, if it hadn’t been for change, we would still have been living in caves.

Changing is also evolving.

Our experience and understanding of our changes in menopause are completely different from those of our mother’s, grandmothers’ and great-grandmothers’.
With the evolution of medicine and research available to us on how hormone depletion affects us, not only our physical self but our emotional self as well. Now we have

  • a choice and the control over how we go through our changes in menopause.
  • help and advice on treatment, being the natural approach or HRT. We have advice on nutrition, exercise and wellness.
  • We do not have to grin and bear any more; we have a choice of what’s best for us to go through this phase.
  • Finally, and more importantly, we do not need to feel alone because we are not alone.

Changes are also new beginnings.

Our changes in menopause are definitely not the end.

They’re the beginning of a new stage in a woman’s life whereby we become comfortable in our own skin.

We become confident to be whatever we want to be. Perhaps some of us want to change our career, perhaps some of us want to start our own business, like me and some other women I know.
Perhaps we want to be more daring, explore new territories or have a quiet life. Whatever it is we become, it is what we choose to be.
This feeling of becoming should not only be passed on to our daughters and granddaughters but to other women in our lives.

Just remember one thing:

“…just remember in the winter,
Far beneath the bitter snow,
Lies a seed that with the sunshine,
In the Spring becomes the Rose.”

(Betty Midler, The Rose)

I will be attending an event on Menopause in London, organised by the Really Helpful Club, on the 9th May 2019. I would love to meet as many as possible of you there.

Changes in Menopause - in flow with Life
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Changes in Menopause - in flow with Life
Changes in menopause are natural. They're the beginning of a new stage in a woman’s life whereby we become comfortable in our own skin.
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