Community support

It is safe to say that all of us belong to several communities: family, friends, work colleagues to say the least.

The purpose of these communities should be to support, motivate and encourage you to thrive in all areas of your life, both private and professional.

A community should be a collaboration in as much as you work together so both of you can thrive.

These communities may consist of different people from different backgrounds, but the purpose is the same. In other words, their job description should be the same. Let’s break down their job description:

  • Support: your communities should support you to achieve your goals, to follow your dreams. They should help you when you ask for help and advise you when you ask for advice.
  • Motivation: your communities should motivate you to keep going when you hit a hurdle on your way to achieving your goals or when life doesn’t go as planned.
  • Encouragement: your communities should encourage you to seek opportunities and to say yes or perhaps no when you are not sure what to do. Your communities should also encourage you to change your mind every time you come to the realisation that one particular goal is not what you really want. In short, your communities should encourage you to do what’s best for you at any given circumstance and at any given time.

Let’s take action right now; when you think about the job description or your communities ask yourself if they support, motivate and encourage you to get what you want even if what you want is not what they want.

If the answer is yes then kind to them, show your gratitude and appreciation for them and nurture them.

If the answer is no, then gently move away from them.

There is no need to explain yourself to them or to get into conflict with them.

Just walk away.

The purpose of any community is to give support, motivation and encouragement.

Now, if thinking about moving away from your communities or even one person from your communities makes you feel guilty then you know what to do.

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I’m here to support, motivate and encourage you to thrive.

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