Comparing yourself to others is not wise.

Even though the human brain was designed to adapt and learn, we all do it in completely different ways.
To add on to that, we have different values. What is important to us may not be important to other people.
We have different beliefs and we have different behaviour. Also, we experience the world in different ways.
In short, we are unique in our own way.

So, when you start comparing yourself to others, you are not comparing equal to equal.

You are comparing different to different.
Even when we have similar opinions, the way we voice the opinion is completely different.
We have preferred words that we use which are completely different from other people.
So we cannot really compare ourselves to others.

Also, we usually compare ourselves to achievements.

However, my idea of achievements may be completely different from yours.
So when you compare yourself to others and you think you are not getting exactly what they are getting that can lead to frustration, lack of confidence and insecurity. And that will scale up to fear and anger.
You get that feeling that you can’t achieve anything.

Now, instead of comparing yourself to others, I suggest you think of looking up to someone you admire, who inspires you and motivates you to achieve your goals.

Instead of thinking to yourself that you’ll never be like that, think that

if they can achieve their goals, so can I!

Embrace your uniqueness, so you can live your life your own way.

I think that is a very good idea and a very very good goal to achieve.

Now if at this very moment you are already comparing yourself to others or worse, this article to other articles, please contact me and sign up for a free consultation. Let’s talk more about it.
And please do share this article with other people to help other people who could benefit from it.

Comparing yourself to others is not wise
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Comparing yourself to others is not wise
Comparing yourself to others is not wise. Discover how to stop comparing, embrace your uniqueness and live life your own way.
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