Complaining day

Do me a favour, will you? Get your diary right now and pick a day to complain.

That’s right. Choose a day for you to rant, to complain, to blow off steam.

All of us have had a bad day, a bad week or even a bad month.

Perhaps despite having a bad day, some of you feel the need to keep going, to keep things inside or to bottle things up.

Keeping things bottled up is the worst thing you can do for it is very damaging for both your physical and mental health. The reason for that is your focus is on the negative, on the stress, on the anxiety and you get stuck in a negative cycle.

That’s why you need to have in your diary a day just to complain, just to blow off steam that has been ready to be released for a while.

So, complain away. Let go of everything that has been bothering you and only stop until you feel you are empty until there’s nothing else bothering you until you feel relieved.

This way you can focus all your energy and attention towards getting things done and you know very well that only when you get things done, only when you take action change happens.

The time to set up a complaining day varies from person to person, but here are some examples as to when to rant: when you say to yourself that you should have stayed in bed or when you feel you can’t do it anymore, when you’ve had enough or even when you feel you can’t keep going like this.

In short, your body and your mind tell you when to put a complaining day in your diary.

The way to do it is very simple. When the complaining day comes, start complaining. Let it all out. Don’t do anything else until you feel empty, light, relieved.

As the complaining day is in your diary, you can plan the appropriate time to do it, perhaps in the morning, evening or whenever is better for you.

You can do it alone or borrow a friendly ear either from a friend or a family member.

To me, the best part of a complaining day is that you can swear all you want and in every language you know.

Don’t hold anything back, let it all out.

Let’s take action right now.

Pay attention to how you are feeling right now and check if your complaining day is way overdue.

If it is, go ahead do it now. Do it before you burn out.

When you have your complaining day you feel that there are some things that you can’t get let go of then let’s have a chat.

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I’m here to support you.

Please share this blog with others so they can choose a day in their diary specifically to complain.