The danger of consciously creating circumstances to achieve your goals

When you create specific circumstances to achieve your goals you lose control over your actions and give control to these circumstances.

This behaviour leads to insecurity, frustration, stress and anxiety.

By changing the behaviour, you get control over your actions and get back on track to achieve your goals.

The danger of consciously creating circumstances to achieve your goals? Stay strong, stay safe!

I want to talk about another excuse we use when we create specific circumstances for us to achieve your goals.

When you say to yourself that you can only achieve your goal if this, that or the other happens.

Strangely enough, a specific circumstance was created in the form of the Corona Virus.

So we needed to change our behaviour.

If you were used to using this specific pattern of creating specific circumstances to achieve your goals.

For example, “I can only relax if I go on holiday”, you lose control.

You give control to your emotional state of being relaxed to your holiday.

Then you need to change this behaviour to get the control back.

Because you don’t need anything to become calm and relaxed.

You just need to be calm and relaxed within yourself.

Now with what is going on in the world, an unprecedented situation in our time, we more than ever need to change our behaviour.

We can do so.

As you know our brain by design learns and adapts.

So this is something that you need to be aware of and pay attention to.

So in the split second that you say to yourself:

“I can only do this if ….”.

That is when you change.

That is when to be aware of what you are doing.

That is when to become curious about your behaviour.

So use this isolation period as an opportunity to be reacquainted with your curiosity.

That same curiosity you had when you were a child.

And now you are an adult you think you can’t be curious anymore.

Play with it, experiment.

Pay attention to see if you are creating special circumstances to achieve your goals.

If you are used to exercising then you can still do it, with certain limitations, at home.

You want to feel energised?

Think of a situation or circumstance wherein you feel energised.

Bring it in and feel it.

You can do it right now reading this, wherever you are.

Eating dinner, watching TV, having a shower, wherever you are.

Think of circumstances or things that you have that trigger the memory like relaxing, energising, or when you are productive.

I know that most of you may be working from home.

So instead of thinkin well you see I can only focus when I don’t have any distractions.

That is absolutely not so.

Create the environment then where you are not distracted.

The danger of consciously creating circumstances to achieve your goals? You have control of your time.

Remember you work with time.

Time is an asset.

So it is the same with circumstances.

Take control of your emotions.

Have self-discipline.

So experiment, be curious.

Pay attention when you are veering towards “I can’t control that”.

Yes You Can!

It is inside you.

You don’t need to create anything special out there.

You have everything special inside.

Which is yourself!

If you have any specific questions or if you’re struggling with this concept, or maybe you are not sure how you can change your behaviour, you know
what to do.

Let’s have a chat.

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I am happy to talk to you and to help you get the control back.

Also please feel free to share this with others who could benefit from it.

Stay strong, stay safe!