Some time ago, I spent some time in a village in the mountain visiting my mother.

Even though it was quite a long journey, I was very relaxed because I was not driving, which gave me the chance to enjoy the landscape, to listen to music, to have some snacks and so on.

In other words, my mind was free to wander.

When I finally got to my destination, I noticed that I wasn’t tired at all and that I was still feeling relaxed. That was because I spent 4 hours not thinking, not focussing on the road or on anything. I just enjoyed the journey.

When you put all your attention and energy into one aspect of your life, perhaps preparing for a presentation or being involved in a project or solving a problem and when you do it for a long period of time, this process can cause stress and anxiety.

Here is a simple exercise for you to keep the stress and anxiety at bay. You can do it anywhere and anytime except when you are driving.

You can do it at home or in the office sitting in front of a computer.

Here is how you do it:

Be aware of how you feel when you only focus on a specific area of your life.

When you notice you are uncomfortable or frustrated stop what you are doing and place your awareness everywhere.

Use your five senses to help you expand your awareness.

For example, see what you see, be aware of your surroundings.

Hear what you hear, perhaps noises, sounds or even the silence.

Smell what you smell, perhaps familiar smells or even strange smells.

Notice what you notice, most importantly notice how you feel.

Keep expanding your awareness. Allow your mind to wander until you feel that you are relaxed and ready to focus again.

You can practice this exercise as often as you need it even after a busy day when feeling tired and you need to switch off for a few minutes.

Let’s take action right now.

Practice this exercise right now. Even if you are feeling relaxed, expand your awareness and notice the difference.

The more you practice the quicker you reach an emotional state that supports you in all aspects of your life.

If at this very moment you are too stressed to even consider doing this exercise, then let’s have a chat.

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I am here to support you.

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