Feeling down

Four tips on how to feel good again

Before I give you the tips, I’d like you to be aware of two facts.

First, one of the functions of the Unconscious Mind is to keep all our memories.

The Unconscious Mind is like a database of all our memories, whatever they may be; something we saw, smelled, tasted, heard or felt.

Second, our Mind does not know the difference between who we are in reality and who we imagine being.

When you think about a time in your childhood when you were playing with your friends, perhaps you imagined being a princess for instance or a superhero.

At that moment you believed you were that person and you behaved like that person. When you finished playing you went back to being yourself.

Another example is when I do my Facebook Lives, I imagine I’m talking to you; I look at you and address you as if you were in the room with me, even though I am aware you were not. That makes me feel at ease, natural and confident.

That is how you “create your reality.”

You can create the experience of your reality through your thoughts, memories and feelings.

When you say, “I can do it,” “I want to do it,” “I am doing it,” the experience of your reality is completely different from when you say, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m rubbish,” “I’ll never get it.”

Your reality is your choice, and you are in control of it.

Let’s take action right now.

Here are the tips for when you are feeling down:

  1. Think of a time in the past when you felt happy, satisfaction or even proud of yourself.
  2. Be aware of your posture when you access these memories. You sit straight, you stand tall. You smile.
  3. Make your posture bigger, your smile broader. Walk around for a while assuming the posture, projecting these feelings into the room. Feel your mood change.
  4. Repeat it as many times as you need until you feel good. If while you are doing this exercise you feel resistance or you think you can’t do it, then let’s have a chat.

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