How to become whole within yourself

Have you ever said to yourself “a part of me says I can do it, but a part of me says I cannot.”

Does that sound familiar?

As human beings, we are at our best self when we are whole when we don’t create a part inside.

Parts are created due to insecurity, lack of confidence, lack of self-belief and when you second guess yourself in every decision you make.

You know when a part is created when you say to yourself “a part of me wants this, a part of me doesn’t, ”a part of me knows I can achieve my goals, a part of me doesn’t” and these two parts are always in conflict with one another.

And you feel the conflict inside.

Being conflicted causes the decision-making process to be extremely challenging, because when you have to make the decision, perhaps due to a deadline or something similar you do so out of fear and not desire.

So, what can you do to become whole again?

  • Pay attention to the part. The moment you say to yourself a part of me… be aware of the part you have just created.
  • Always choose the positive part, the part that says “I can do it,” “I want to do it,” “I am doing it.”
  • Hear yourself saying these three sentences and if necessary put the volume of your voice up, so your choice becomes loud and clear.
  • Allow the voice in your mind to resonate through your whole body.
  • Listen to this voice as often as you need to and,
  • Always focus on the positive part until it becomes at one with your whole self.
  • If you need something extra to focus on, think of everything you have achieved so far in your life. Big or small it doesn’t matter. You have worked hard for it, you are proud of it. And as you have achieved a goal once, you know you can achieve another one again.

That is how you become whole with yourself and excel in everything you do.

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