How do you spend your time? 

It is safe to say that when you think about the time you think hours, days, weeks, months and years.

You also celebrate time like for instance birthdays, anniversaries, and the coming of a new year.

You also spend time in all sorts of activities.

With all that in mind, how do you spend your time: do you work with time or against it?

To answer this question, think about your day, 24 little hours and take it slowly, a day at a time.

When you work against time you consistently and repeatedly start your day saying to yourself that you don’t have time; you don’t have time to choose what you’ll wear on any given day; you don’t have time to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee and you barely have time to have lunch sitting at your desk or at home, let alone thinking about having a break during the day.

You are so busy that you cannot do all you need to do in one day. You also think that your day needs to be longer; you need more hours in your day knowing very well that for the time being it’s not possible.

Time then becomes a liability

When you see time as a liability, you in time become frustrated, stressed, anxious and sometimes even angry.

The notion of time is a mindset. You can keep working against time or you can change your mindset and see time from a different perspective

You can work with time.

You know you work with time when you repeatedly and consistently say to yourself I have time. You have time to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee; you have time to choose what to wear; you have time to organise your day in such a way that allows you to finish your day on time. And when the unexpected happens, you have time to prioritise and delegate.

To me though the best way to see time is to treat it as a gift.

A gift that you give to yourself when you know that you have time to do the things you love, including enjoying having time to have time to do nothing.

Time is also a gift that you give to your friends and family when you have time to see them, to be with them, to connect with them.

And I’m sure you agree that the emotions related to giving and receiving a gift are joy, satisfaction and pleasure.

So, let’s take action right now.

Be aware of how you see time. If time is your friend then fine, if not change it.

Be aware of how often you give yourself and others the gift of your time.

And if you are stuck in a loop of working against time, then let’s have a chat.

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I’m here to support you and give you the gift of my time.

Please do share this blog with others so perhaps they too can see time as a gift.