How to juggle work and family?

Whenever I’m talking to women and I put “having a successful career” and “having a family” in the same sentence, I hear inevitably two words: “Struggle to Juggle”. They ask me if I know: “How to juggle work and family

Let’s see what our everyday life and the art of juggling really have in common.

Same as it happens in the physical toss juggling, performed by a juggler, for you to be able to do it successfully you need to focus on one element and one element alone at the time.

This is the same element that you need to have a very successful career: balance.

Let’s analyse the elements one by one:

When you are at home with your family, what do you get from your family life?
Perhaps kindness, joy, love and most certainly a lot of patience.
Then, take these elements to your workplace when you got to work.

And when you are at work, what do you get from your career?
Perhaps satisfaction, pride in your achievements, discipline.
And then, take all these elements back home with you.

Juggle these elements or any other elements that you want to put in the mix until you find the balance. This is the key to success.

You don’t need to be a Superwoman to be successful.

You need to be yourself, to find the balance that best suits you.

We make choices from the minute we wake up: we choose

  • what to eat,
  • to wear,
  • where to work,
  • the career we have.

I know, there are too many choices out there.

However, when it comes to thinking there are two choices only:

  1. You can choose to have thoughts that support you, encourage you, motivate you
  2. or thoughts that sabotage you, discourage you, make you stop, limits you.

So, what is your choice?
The process is the same and only you can control what you think.

Of course, as usual, I would love to hear your thoughts about that. Please let me know by sending me a message through my contact form.

Check the video version of my article on how to juggle work and family:

How to juggle work and family
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How to juggle work and family
In this article we've gathered some lessons on how to juggle work and family that we can bring into our everyday life from the physical art of juggling.
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Regina Brancato-Dunderdale
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