Have you ever bought something that you loved and you still wear it or use it all the time?

Have you ever bought something that was a mistake so much so that you had to return it or give it away?

I guess the answer is yes to both questions. I know that because I’ve done that myself. I’ve bought things that I still love and wear or used and others that the minute I got home and looked at them again, I knew they were wrong. I knew I had to either return them or give them away.

The same thing happens to your emotions.

There are a lot of emotions in the world out there. Some of them are your own emotions. They come from you, so you know they are yours. Others however are not yours. You bought them from the world out there.

There is a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress out there that may not be yours, that perhaps you are buying into them. And you know these emotions are not yours when you wonder why you are so afraid or anxious or stressed.

When you don’t know the reason for feeling these emotions it’s because you are buying them from the world out there. They do not belong to you.

So what to do to avoid buying into emotions that are not yours.

You return these emotions by paying attention to your now moment and to your circumstances.

Be curious about them. Look into your circumstance, look at your now moment and ask yourself if there’s a reason for feeling afraid, anxious or stressed.

If the answer is no don’t ignore them. Acknowledge them and send them back.

Return them to the sender.

Let’s take action right now.

The moment you wonder why you are feeling fear, anxiety and stress, stop what you are doing, look into your circumstances and your now moment and ask yourself “are they mine or do they belong to the world out there?”

If they are not yours send them back. And the way you send them back is by not giving them power, just let them go.

Keeping an emotion that is not yours feels like you are wearing shoes that are three sizes smaller.

It is painful.

If at this very moment you are resisting to let go of emotions that don’t belong to you or if you are not sure what to do, then let’s have a chat.

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