How long does it take to break a habit?

The split moment between a habit and your awareness of it.

You can change your life because that’s when change happens!

I have a question for you.

I want you to answer without thinking. The first thing that pops into your mind.

The question is:

What can you do in a split second?

If nothing popped up in your mind or very little, then you are absolutely wrong!

Let me tell you why.

We all have habits, things that we do without thinking. Things we are so used to doing that we put on our Auto-Pilot and just do it.

For example, think of your morning routine. The things you do in the morning before starting your day. You are so used to doing this and navigating around your home that you don’t think about it.

Or what you do on your way to work. Maybe walking, driving on public transport. You know your way so you don’t pay attention, you just go. And once you get to work you just go ahead and start doing what you normally do.

It’s second nature, as I said your autopilot is on.

Your autopilot is your unconscious mind.

Things you do without thinking, habits.

However, there is a moment when your body tells you that you need to pay attention to something.

It’s like stopping for a moment to get your bearings.

To ask yourself

“where am I?”

“What am I doing?”.

And that is the split second when you become aware of your habit, of what you are doing.

It’s that split second when a frown comes to your brow or the joy of surprise in a good idea.

It’s that split second when you realise you are eating a bite too many and you put the fork down. It’s the split second when you feel a bit tipsy and you put your glass down.

More importantly, it could be that split second of awareness before going into that job interview when you feel the uncertainty or limited belief that you are going to fail.

And that is when in that split second of awareness that you say to yourself:

“This is the job for me, I can do it!”

The split second when you are pitching your idea or proposal to your boss or a client.

And you have a moment of doubt, and that is the split second when you say to yourself

I do know what I’m talking about and I can do it.

The split second when you hear your voice tonality and possibly the lack of confidence and you think to yourself,


And in that split second you say to yourself

“yes Really!”

It takes a split second to change.

And of course for a habit to settle in it needs awareness.

So, you need to be aware of those moments when your body or mind advises you of your negative emotions.

You need to change by repeating to yourself as many times as it takes to:

“I can do it!”
“I have achieved a lot and I can achieve many more!”
“that’s the job for me!”
“I know what I’m talking about!”

And you keep doing this until it becomes second nature. Until it becomes unconscious.

That split second can change your life and it is in that split second that change happens.

If after reading this you have become aware of some things, you are not quite sure what to do and you have some questions, then please get in
touch. Sign up for a free consultation or just drop me a message.

I’m Regina helping you to change and to be true to yourself …. In a split second!