Recently, several companies have been encouraging their staff to have their lunch breaks away from their desk and, not to take their phone with them.

I must be honest: I am glued to my phone, like I guess most of you, especially if your business, like mine, depends on it.

But also, as a hypnotherapist, I can see the reasoning behind the directive of those companies.

We are overloading our mind with information. It is non-stop information all the time and our mind cannot cope with it. Our mind is literally very tired.

So, today I would like to teach you a very simple exercise on how to relax your mind.

Mental relaxation is not meditation. It is very, very simple. It does not require anywhere special. You can do it in as long or little time as you want, as you feel comfortable.

Now I’m going to teach you how to relax your mind with mental relaxation. It is really simple. It can take as long or as little as you want.
You don’t need to be in a soundproof environment to be able to relax. All you need to do is to make a decision that you will relax, and you will relax.

The easiest muscles in our body to relax are the muscles around our eyes. So, close your eyes and relax all the muscles around your eyes.

If you feel the urge of opening your eyes, open your eyes and then close them again. Loosen up all the tension.

Then, pay attention to the quality of relaxation that you have around your face and spread this relaxation throughout your body and stay there.
And then let your mind wander. The feeling you will have is as if you are thinking about everything and nothing at the same time.
Let your mind go and stay there for as long or as little as you want.

Now, the key to success relaxing your mind is not to fight it.

If you feel you are tensing up or you feel that you are focused on one thought, then wake up or open your eyes. Get out of the state of relaxation and go about your day as you usually do.
Perhaps you can come back later and carry on.

When you try this exercise, you will realise how much lighter you feel.

So, it won’t surprise you to know that you should relax your mind on a regular basis.

The reason why you should practice this exercise regularly is that, even if you had the most amazing day, your body is full of adrenaline.
When your mind is constantly on the go, you can’t fall asleep or perhaps you wake up very tired. Perhaps you get so tense that you have headaches.
Or your levels of stress are very high. So, we need to calm things down.

Instead, when you learn how to relax your mind, your thoughts flow easily and quickly.

Doing the exercise, your thoughts spread around, and it makes more room for more information, more ideas.

Here you can listen to my voice guiding you into this mind relaxation exercise:

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How to relax your mind and why you need it
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How to relax your mind and why you need it
We overload our mind with information. So, today I'd like to teach you a very simple exercise on how to relax your mind & why it is so important to do that.
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