Today I’d like to share with you a lovely testimonial that I recently received from a customer that I’ve been helping with

hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks.

My name is Alexandre. I am 41 years old, married and father of 3 boys. Throughout my life, even in childhood, I struggled with situations of insecurity and anxiety.

However, this process of anxiety began to be more worrying and more regular after the birth of my first son. I was 22 at that time, or at least that was the point I consciously managed to register.

From that point onwards, I started having panic and anxiety attacks.

They became very recurrent, in completely different situations, no matter where I was.  They sometimes happened in stressful situations, but they also happened out of nowhere, while sitting at home.

Needless to say, this situation has become a major constraint in my daily life, in my job, in social and family life.

Long story short, these feelings went so far as to block me whenever I needed to perform some task outside my comfort zone. I stopped travelling, stopped fulfilling certain obligations, and even lost jobs, due to this condition.

I looked for professional help, did a lot of research to try to understand the process. Also, I tried some treatments to help control anxiety. I started using medications and had the knowledge to recognise the attacks.

Nonetheless, the truth was that I still could not control them. I realised that most of the time, I created the conditions for anxiety to manifest itself. In other words, I found myself in a vicious cycle, in which if I needed to do something, I was already anxious ahead of the time.

The process of hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks with Regina showed me a different way of approaching the situation.

It made me realise precisely that many of the blockages were imposed by me, some consciously and others unconsciously.

Moreover, and determinant, were the tools that she showed me to control situations. They allowed me to get out of the cycle of insecurity and remain conscious of the process and prevent the collapse.
With these methods, we approached situations in such a direct way, that many things became so clear. So, they ceased to constitute a blockade, which in itself was half the battle.

I will not say that by a magic step my anxiety disappeared, or that all the blockages ceased to exist instantaneously. But I started to recodify my mind, to train my brain to have a different way of facing anxiety and I started to create new forms of self-control, which have helped me to change my energy, and of what surrounds me, in a positive way.

It is as simple as any other art. Perfection comes with practice. It is not instantaneous, it is not a single act, but a new way of being and formatting our reaction to what surrounds us.

I am very happy to say that personally and professionally I am much better. I have the power of decision on my side. In fact, I have control over the steps and goals I want to achieve, simply because I consciously choose these goals, rather than unconsciously dismissing them.

Thank you, Regina!

Alexandre Silva
Luanda, Angola,
February 2019
Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks
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Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks
Today I'd like to share with you a lovely testimonial I recently received from a customer I've been helping with hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks. 
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Regina Brancato-Dunderdale
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