The importance of hope

Hope is the most important feeling and state of mind that you can have.

Hope affects all areas of your life, both your private and your professional life.

For instance, when you invite someone for dinner you hope they enjoy the meal; when you buy someone a present you hope they like it.

The same hope happens when you apply for a job and you hope you get it, when you write a proposal to a client you hope he or she approves it and when you are up for a promotion and you hope it gets through.

When you are in a state of hope, there is not a single molecule of negativity in your mind and your body. Everything is positive so much so that you always hope for the best, you always hope you get the results you want, you always hope to achieve your goals.

Hope also motivates you to step out of your comfort zone when you are about to do something different, something that you haven’t done before. And when you take the plunge, you always hope it works.

Hope gives you strength to keep going when life becomes perhaps challenging because you hope you get through the huddles that life sometimes puts in your way.

When you are in a state of hope you don’t think you will fail, you don’t think about giving up. You only think about the different ways and possibilities to achieve your goals.

That is why hope is so powerful. It pushes you forward, it gives you courage, it gives you confidence and strength to keep going.

So, let’s take action right now.

When you say to yourself you hope something happens, be aware of how you feel. Be aware of how your energy changes when you are in a state of hope. Notice what happens when you are hopeful. Perhaps you notice a smile, perhaps you notice that your posture is different, perhaps you stand tall or sit straight, perhaps you walk with confidence when you are in a state of hope.

When you are in a state of hope you know you can do anything you focus on.

Now if in this very moment that you are reading this blog you are already thinking that there is no hope, then let’s have a chat.

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