Overcoming emptiness

You don’t need to look outside to fill the gap inside.

When you go out in nature you may notice there are no empty spaces in fields, parks, or woods.
Something always grows in nature, crops, flowers, bushes, grass etc. The reason being nature does not like empty spaces or negative spaces.

The same happens to all of us. We don’t like empty spaces inside.

Perhaps when life becomes too much, when things don’t go according to plan, when you feel that you are constantly struggling, you unconsciously create a gap inside and like nature you fill it with something.

Sometimes, some of you may look for things that are outside to fill the gap that you have inside. And you know that when you develop excessive behaviour. For instance, in order to fill the gap, you feel the need to be constantly busy or you can’t stop buying things or you smoke, eat and drink in excess as if you are trying to fill the gap with all those things.

The more you look outside to fill the gap inside the more you realise you cannot.

No matter how hard you try the gap is still there and you end up angry and frustrated because you can’t get rid of the emptiness.

And you won’t if you carry on looking outside instead of looking into your own self.

You will find all you need when you look inside because everything starts within yourself: self-love, self-confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, self-control, and power to make choices, power to make decisions, power to change.

Let’s take action right now.

Find a quiet place and sit with yourself, relax and notice the gap inside.
Don’t force it. Take your time, 5 or 10 minutes till you remove all the tension in your body.

Notice the gap inside.

Ask yourself what it is that is missing, perhaps love, respect, confidence, trust.

Fill the gap with any of these emotions or with whatever it is. that you feel it’s missing.

If it helps access a pleasant memory or memories that can trigger the emotion that is missing.
Think about your achievements or the people you have helped.
Think about yourself then and now and notice how much you’ve done.

Replace the emptiness with all those emotions.

If right now, when you sit with yourself you are unable to do the exercise then get in touch with.

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I’m here to support you.

Please share this with others so they too can fill the gap inside.