Words have power.

Words have weakness.

Words have power and weakness because they carry with them an emotional meaning

The emotional meaning that words carry is much more important than any other meaning that any word can have.

Words are weak when they trigger any negative emotion.

Let me give you an example. I don’t like the word tolerance, tolerate, tolerant or any other form of tolerance. It triggers in me a negative emotion, a knee-jerk negative reaction against it.

Tolerance for me means that I have to put up with things that I don’t want to.

I’m aware that this may not be the dictionary meaning of tolerance, but it is the emotional meaning that this word carries for me.

So instead of tolerance, I use respect, because it triggers in me only positive emotions. In other words, in my opinion, I don’t have to tolerate anything, but I have to respect everything, especially others.

Respect for me means understanding a point of view and if any point of view doesn’t resonate with me, I respectfully ignore it.

Let’s take action right now, only this time the action is a challenge should you choose to accept it.

Think about words as weak and powerful.

Pay special attention to the words you use to describe yourself.

If there is any word that you use to describe yourself which may trigger any negative emotion, then get rid of it immediately and replace it for powerful words.

Words that encourage you and motivate you to keep going and to be yourself no matter what.

Make these words your favourite ones and keep using them then notice how you feel.
Perhaps in time, you will feel powerful.

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