I was watching a video this morning on marketing strategies and the focus was on trust.

When you launch a new product, there are three steps to build trust.

  1. First, you borrow trust,
  2. Then you build trust.
  3. Finally, you’ll have trust.

There is a time frame in between the three steps and the time frame is flexible.

It’s not rigid. Some steps can go move faster than others. Sometimes it can go faster than others.

Now, if we expand this concept through all areas of our lives, either private or professional life, the process is the same. When we meet somebody for the first time, we use the same process.

  1. We borrow their trust and they borrow ours.
  2. Then, if we are present and consistent, we build trust.
  3. If we carry on being present and consistent, we have the trust.

Now if we focus on time, in a world that is moving very fast, we get results very quickly.

For example, just pressing of a button, you can have your weekly or monthly supermarket shopping delivered at your doorsteps at the time and day of your convenience. With that in mind, perhaps some of us want the results to be very quick. Maybe not willing to allow the process of borrowing, building and having trust to happen to the extent that perhaps some of us give up halfway through the process.

If we shift the focus to trust in itself, perhaps some of us find it challenging to trust, let alone allow the process of borrowing, building and having trusts to happen.

So, try to understand: which one are you?

Do you want quick results and give up very quickly or you find trust challenging?

Or perhaps you are neither, you allow that process to happen and you keep going on until you get the results that you want, and until you have the trust.

If you find trust itself challenging or you are the kind of person who gives up very quickly if the results do not come quickly, then let’s have a chat: contact me for a free 30-minutes consultation.

Here’s the video version of this article:

Three steps to build trust
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Three steps to build trust
Through all areas of our lives, there are three steps to build trust and a flexible time frame in between them. Discover how trust works in this article.
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