Give your mind a break.

Thinking is not good for your health.

You know when your body is tired. You feel it. You feel it in your muscles, you feel it in your bones and you are very quick to take action; you rest your body until you feel totally relaxed.

Like your body, your mind gets tired too. You know when your mind is tired when you notice that you are unable to think. That happens because there are too many thoughts lost in your mind.

It is as if your mind is overloaded with thoughts hence mental exhaustion.

Mental exhaustion causes lack of concentration, forgetfulness, and difficulty in sleeping which can lead to sleep deprivation.

When you feel that your mind is exhausted, how quick are you to take action?
My guess is that you may not be as quick to take action regarding your mind as you are regarding your body.

How do you relax your mind? You may be wondering.

The answer is quite simple; stop thinking; give your mind a break.

You give your mind a break by getting out of your head. Leave your mind alone for a while.

Let’s take action right now.

As soon as you realise that you are mentally tired choose a quiet place and sit with yourself for a minute or more and stop thinking.

Allow your thoughts to come in and out of your awareness and don’t focus on anything in particular. Just go where your thoughts take you.

Pay attention to nothing.

Surrender to this state of nothingness until you find that your mind is rested. Then and only then you can go back to your daily routine.

Repeat this exercise as often as you need it

Your mind deserves a break.

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