Struggle to juggle

When it comes down to choosing between career and family, what’s your choice?

What if you consider the possibility of choosing both?

Perhaps some of you find it hard to choose between career and family.
Perhaps some of you may struggle to juggle your career and family.
Perhaps you feel the need to choose between family and career.

When for some reason you decide to fulfil this need to choose between one or the other you may then feel frustrated, guilty and even angry.

Now this need to choose stems from your lack of belief that you can reconcile family and career. It also stems from the lack of deep knowing that you are perfectly capable of doing both.

I can assure you or perhaps reassure you that you can do both so long as you believe you can, so long as you know you can do both.

Being able to do both will perhaps involve hard work and perhaps you will need to restructure and reorganise your life.

So, let’s take action right now.

When you think about the word juggle or the act of juggling, what is the key to do so successfully? If you are thinking balance you are absolutely spot on.

Therefore, the key is to find your balance between career and family, so you can have both at the same time.

You may have to work harder, you may have to delegate some tasks, and you may have to organise your days in such a way in order to make them run smoothly, but what you will get in return is satisfaction, joy and a sense of purpose.

You can do both, it’s just a question of self-belief.

If at this very moment you are already stressed just thinking about having to choose between career and family, then let’s have a chat.

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