In this article, I will share some examples and tips on how to trust your intuition, finding the balance between intuition and logical thinking.

In my previous article about the “grass is greener syndrome”, I suggested that if you change your perspective and look at it from another angle, perhaps the grass becomes greener wherever you are.
I also said that if you change your perception, primarily about yourself, the way you see yourself, this, along with perspective, would help you make decisions.
This way, you won’t be jumping off from greenery to greenery aimlessly.

Today, I would like to suggest one more thing which, is in my opinion, huge. It is intuition.
Yes, we all have it.

Intuition is a state of deep knowing and clarity.

We can not quite put our finger on it. We don’t know why it happens, but we just know that it does happen. We just know we know things.

I am aware that some people give preference to logical thinking. However, intuition should not be ignored
Intuition, same as everything that happens to us in our body, either physically or emotionally, exists for a reason. We have to pay attention and take action.

Intuition helps us to make choices and decisions and helps us to grow.

I am going to give you a couple of examples from my own experience.

When I first came to London, I was 15 years old and I remember it as if it was yesterday. I had come to Europe on one of those tours, Europe in seven days.
When I got to Picadilly Circus I knew, that kind of knowing, that I would live in this country, particularly London. It didn’t happen in a hurry but it did happen.
Unconsciously, everything I did from that day until I moved to London, I did it to come here.

This is a positive example of how to trust your intuition and follow it.

There’s a negative one I can share, too. It happened when I decided not to trust my intuition and I did not go with my gut feeling when I applied for a job.
The minute I sat for the interview, I knew with that kind of knowing and clarity, that it wasn’t the job for me. However, I decided to ignore the gut feeling and went for the job.
I didn’t last one year. It was awful, not the job for me at all.

Now, I am well aware that when it comes to jobs and money, we all have our responsibilities. Sometimes we may find ourselves in a position or situation where we have to work.
We all need money. We have bills to pay and even need money to go on holiday.

However, remember to trust your intuition, finding the balance between intuition and logical thinking.

If you need to work, of course, use your logical thinking and get the job. Then, while you are doing a job that you have to do, keep looking for the one that gives you satisfaction and joy.

If just the thought of using intuition makes you cringe because you are perhaps a person who gives preference to logically thinking and believe that intuition is mumbo jumbo, then let’s have a chat.
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