Expectation creates more expectation which then creates anticipation, anxiety and in some cases fear.

We all expect something when we are involved in any project important to us in any area of our life. This is just human nature.

So, it’s natural to have some expectations whenever you are involved in a project or when you are waiting for the results of an interview or an answer from a potential client.

There is also some expectation when you are launching a new product, when you start your own business or when you present yourself as the face of your own brand.

I’ll tell you right now that this kind of expectation is not a problem.

The problem is when you expect the worse in order to protect yourself in case you have a different result from what you expected.

The problem is whenever you are involved in a project at any given now moment you say to yourself that it will not work to avoid being disappointed.

The problem is when you convince yourself that you won’t get the job or that you won’t get the client.

The problem is when you convince yourself that you will fail. And when you are in this state of mind guess what, you will fail.

When you then fail, you may be inclined to give up whatever you are involved with altogether.

However, you have a choice. You can change your mindset.

You choose to expect the best. The way to do it is to know that you give your best in everything you are involved with; you prepare yourself for the best in any now moment before you put yourself out there.

With this mindset even if you don’t get the results you expect you know that you gave your best you know that you did all you could have done at that point in time.

With this mindset, you will then have the motivation and courage to keep going until you get there.

Let’s take action right now.

Choose to expect the best.

Get in the mindset that you can do it; you want to do it and you are doing it.

Regardless of the results, you will have the motivation and the courage to keep going.

Motivation and courage keep anxiety and fear at bay.

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