What is purpose?
What is your purpose?
Do you know why you do what you do? And if you do, how do you feel?

You started off walking around aimlessly, no direction whatsoever, not knowing exactly where to go, not even paying attention to where you are going.

In short, you are just walking around with no direction and no focus.

On day however, you feel this urge inside to stop to get your bearings, to look at where you are going, to pay attention. That’s when you notice perhaps at a distance that there is a focal point just ahead. You also notice that that focal point gives you certainty, gives you knowing as to where you want to go, what you want to do and why you want to do it.

You feel that this state of knowing does not come from any books or workshops or any degree or qualifications you may have.

This state of knowing comes from deep inside. It’s a knowing that you can’t explain and can’t quite grasp.

This state of knowing also gives you clarity; all of a sudden you can clearly see your path right in front of you.

This state of knowing gives you awareness that your path may not be straightforward; you become aware that your path maybe like a winding road but the state of knowing gives you courage to keep going because it feels natural; it feels like yourself.

This state of knowing also gives you joy, satisfaction, pleasure and pride in what you set up to doing.

This is your purpose. You stick to it regardless of what the world out thinks about it.

Let’s take action right now.

Be aware of your purpose.

Remind yourself why you do what you do, not only when life gets challenging, not only when you meet a lot of hurdles in your way.

Remind yourself of the satisfaction and pride that you feel because of this state of knowing and the courage that this very state gives you to keep going.

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