Why is it important to take action?

You know you have loads of ideas, you know you have abilities and skills and perhaps you are an expert in one specific area.

With all that in mind, let me set a scene for you.

You are at home, completely alone. You may be in the kitchen or in your living room. You notice that all your appliances are off, your television, your sound equipment your kettle, etc.

So, in this scenario, I ask you:

“How do you know any of your appliances are working?”

“How do you know for sure that your let’s say kettle is working?”

That’s right, you switch it on.

You take action.

You know you have a lot of goals, plans, things you want to do. And the only way to make them come to fruition, the only way of knowing if they work by is doing them, by making them work by, taking action.

I am aware that it may be a bit scary to do something that is new or outside your comfort zone. However, it doesn’t have to be because you can replace the fear or the doubt with curiosity.

For example, you have an idea and you work on it to see if this idea gives you the results you want.

If by any chance it doesn’t, because you have replaced fear with curiosity you keep going until you make it how you want to.

Being curious and taking action do not mean you have to do everything by yourself. You can ask for help and feedback. You can test your ideas or plans with someone you trust and you know will help you.

However, you need to keep taking action.

Experience comes from taking action. Even if something doesn’t work at first, you keep going and keep being curious to find out how to execute a plan or idea in a different way.

When you keep all your knowledge, all your ideas and plans only in your mind and you do nothing about them, you don’t take action, your life becomes a theoretical exercise.

That being said, let’s take action right now.

Think about one thing that you want to do and have been postponing for a while and do it.

If you don’t know exactly how to do it, think of someone who can help you.

Instead of living your life in theory, choose to live your life in action.

Now, if you are stuck and feel you can’t take action, then let’s have a chat.