Anxiety over future

Here we go again

It’s time to bring the weeks ahead to the now moment and It’s time to adapt.

It’s time to be flexible and it’s time to take action.

We are still living through very challenging times; the pandemic is still around us and therefore we do not know what’s in store for us in the weeks ahead.

The weeks ahead are related to the future and it is in the future where Anxiety lives.

We get anxious about a time when we may have an idea of what will happen, but it’s a time we have no control of.

We don’t get anxious about the now moment because we have control of it.

Actually, the now moment is the only time we have absolute control of our actions.

It is in the now moment that you can change what needs changing, adapt what needs adapting and when you have the flexibility to turn your plans around if needed.

The now moment also means being able to make choices that are best for you based on facts and according to your circumstances.

There is no anxiety in the now moment.

It is from the now moment that you can look forward to the weeks ahead.

Looking forward to the weeks ahead from the now moment feels like a journey whereby you go out in the future and at the same, as you are focus on the now moment, you can take action to influence what happens out there.

And it is quite a journey.

The journey to the weeks ahead from the absolute control of the now moment is this week’s challenge.

When you notice or when you feel that your plans are too far out into the future, when you feel that you are about to lose control of your plans, bring
them back to the now moment without losing sight of the weeks ahead.

For it is in the now that you have control, that you can change and adapt and take action to get the results you want.

If by any chance you struggle to make the journey from the now into the future and back to now, then get in touch with me.

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I’m here to support you in this now moment and when you look forward to the weeks ahead.

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Be Kind, be Brave, be Yourself!