Celebrate your Uniqueness

We all experience reality in different ways.

That makes us unique.

We all receive information from the external world but the moment this information hit our mind we understand it and see it from a different perspective.

Therefore, when we look back at the world and experience reality we do so in different ways.

Another proof of our uniqueness is that our brain was designed to adapt and learn however we adapt and learn, not in the same way as the other.

On top of all that we have the influence of our values and beliefs which differ from person to person, another proof of how unique each one of us

Uniqueness also explains our different likings and disliking, different tastes in food or clothes smell that for some maybe be pleasant and for others disgusting, and even if we shop at the same place, even if we wear the good old jeans and T-shirt we style ourselves in our own unique way.

If we live in houses that look the same from the outside when we open the door and look inside, we recognise ourselves in that place, because it is our
own space unique to ourselves.

For all these reasons, our uniqueness should be celebrated.

Being unique does not mean being isolated, on the contrary, because at the same time we recognise and celebrate our uniqueness we too recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of others.

That is what connects us; celebrating our understanding and respect of the other uniqueness, celebrating in consideration and kindness towards the
other uniqueness.

We are not the same. Being unique is natural to all of us.

Celebrating our uniqueness is this week’s challenge; celebrate your uniqueness and the uniqueness of the other, your friends, your family, your
neighbours and co-workers.

That makes us more connected.

Now if you struggle with the idea that uniqueness makes us more connected then get in touch with me.

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I’m here to support you in your own way, in your uniqueness.

Please do share this blog with other so they too can take part in celebrating their uniqueness.

Be Kind, be Brave, be Yourself!