Change is the law of nature.

Change is as natural as Life.

When change happens by choice we see it as an opportunity.

When change hits us unexpectedly we can also see it as an opportunity to improve what needs improvement and change what needs to change.

Resisting to Change is resisting to Life.

Let’s talk about something that is extremely relevant to what we are going through right now.


Change is the law of nature. Change is as natural as life itself.

It is in our human nature to change, we do not stay the same.

It is so natural to us we have language for that.

We use it in language.

For example when you say to yourself or others that you are tired of doing the same things over and over again.

And you say to yourself:

“Let’s do something different for a change”.
“Let’s go somewhere different for a change”.

When change happens by choice we see it as an opportunity.

An opportunity perhaps to change jobs, move house or go on holiday somewhere different.

But when change hits us like this pandemic has, we can also see it as an opportunity.

I know there is a lot of worry, a lot of anxiety and uncertainty out there.

We all feel it.

I feel it.

But it is as I say out there.

And when its too out there in the future, we don’t know whats going to happen.

We feel anxious because we lose control.

We cannot control what’s out there.

So I would like you to consider this suggestion.

Instead of looking out there, look inside.

Particularly right now focus on your mind.

The part of your mind that creates possibilities.

Change is the law of nature. See change as an opportunity.

And you do so by asking your mind a few questions.

Be inquisitive.

Be curious.

So perhaps you want to get rid of habits that do not serve you anymore.

So you ask yourself:

“What can I replace it with?”

And when you find the answer you ask:

“How can I do it?”

“What do I have to do to change it?”

Perhaps you want to catch up with your reading, exercise or re-connect with people you haven’t seen in a while.

Before the pandemic you were very busy and now you are not that busy.

So you can use whatever platform that you have to connect with people.

And if you are working from home perhaps you can think about improving your productivity or working in different ways.

You are probably having meetings on Zoom or other online apps.

By the way connectivity and our capacity to work from home came from a massive change that most of us didn’t see coming then, technology.

I remember having to learn to use a computer.

I have to admit that I use a computer on a need to know basis.

But I still do it.

The advances in technology, the internet, smartphones, emails, social media.

They have changed us.

They have changed our behaviour and they continue to change us.

Just for an example a friend got in touch with me through facebook and the last time we had spoken was 45 years ago!

That is amazing!

(even though now you can guess my age!! )

So it takes a lot of energy, I would say you waste a lot of good energy to resist something that is natural to us.

And change is natural.

So allow your mind to create possibilities.

And turn this change into opportunities.

Choose to go with the flow of change.

Choose to go with the flow of life.

So you can take control of your life back to you.

Now if you are struggling with all that is going on.

If you don’t know exactly what to do or how to do it.

Then please get in touch with me.

You can sign up for a free consultation on my website.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Also please share this blog with others who could benefit from it.

Think about it.


Allow your mind to support you through change.

Read my article about fear of change here!

I’m Regina, stay strong, stay safe.