How to change from negative to positive thinking

The fuss about Positive Thinking is that maybe there’s a misunderstanding as to what it really means.

Positive Thinking or Positive Mindset is not about ignoring all that is negative or bad or wrong that happens either in general or in your life in particular.

It’s actually quite the opposite.

Positive Thinking is about attention.

For example, when you have a problem and your attention is on the problem it feels as if you are inside a dark tunnel and there is a spot of light right in front of you and of course that’s where your attention is, that’s where you walk towards.

Now if the spot of life is the problem then you walk straight into the problem.

Your attention is on the problem.

Positive Thinking or Positive Mindset is exactly the opposite.

When you have a problem and you have a Positive Mindset you pay attention to the problem, you get curious about the problem, you ask yourself questions such as how I can get out of the problem, what I can do solve it and who can help me solve the problem.

By asking these questions what you are actually doing is sending instructions to your mind to find solutions to the problem.

Your attention then shifts from problem to solution.

Positive Thinking means thinking solutions, thinking resources, thinking achievements and results.

Positive Thinking also means having control of the results; getting the results you want.

Now stop for a moment and think about how you would feel knowing that you have control of the results, knowing that you always get the results you
want. My guess is that you would feel pretty good.

So, here is this week’s challenge: practice Positive Thinking.

The last thing you say to yourself at night, say it using I, say it in the present tense.

Repeat it first thing in the morning. Then see what happens, see how you feel.

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I’m here to support you.

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Be Kind, be Brave, be Yourself!