In this article, you’ll find a 1-minute exercise that I recommend you do as a habit on a daily basis in order to learn how to control fear and anxiety.

Today I’d like to talk about what is, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous emotions: fear.

Fear, when it goes unchecked, can be extremely debilitating.

When you constantly live in a state of fight and flight, when you are constantly alert on the lookout for something bad to happen, your body does not rest.
Your body keeps producing adrenaline and cortisone. Physically, what you get are headaches progressing to stress, insomnia, ulcers, hypertension and so on.
Emotionally, you feel so stressed and so scared that you literally freeze with fear.
Fear stops you in your tracks, it stops you from making decisions, from following up on opportunities – you literally freeze.

The good news is that as fear comes from within, you and only you have the power to control it.

The answer to the question of how to control fear and anxiety is by being very curious about it.

Yes, being curious. Try to look for the reasons you are fearful.

For instance, does that fear belong to you or to anyone else?

What I mean by that is that if you read the news or watch the news on the television, it’s all doom and gloom.
Now I’m not saying for you to ignore the doom and gloom, there are loads of things going wrong in the world. However, there are lots of good things happening as well!
So, find the balance.
But, most importantly, see if that fear applies to your own life or to your own circumstances.

When you have the fear under control, you can see things clearly.

So, perhaps, you won’t miss out on the opportunities. Perhaps you will go for the job you want.
And because you know that you can do it, you won’t freeze in the job interview.
Perhaps you will get the promotion and you won’t think you are going to fail!

Focus on what you want and think about it and then plan on how you get there.

And when you are planning how to get there, knowing that you can do it, the fear then will come under control.

Here’s an exercise that I do, and that I recommend you do as a habit on a daily basis in order to control fear.

When you get home and you are finished for the day or just before you go to sleep, put your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone away for just one minute.
Close your eyes, completely relax your body. Let your thoughts wander in and out of your mind with no particular focus until you feel completely and totally relaxed.
Perhaps you end up falling asleep. This exercise will give you clarity and serenity. So, when you wake up, you feel energised and refreshed.
One minute every evening is a time you can spare. If you can, try this exercise outdoor in a park or just do it at home.
This one-minute exercise can help you keep your emotions under control.

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How to control fear and anxiety (1-minute exercise)
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How to control fear and anxiety (1-minute exercise)
In this article, you'll find a 1-minute exercise that I recommend you do as a habit on a daily basis in order to learn how to control fear and anxiety.
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