Add adaptability for rapid changes and Flexibility to allow room to manoeuvre for in the end you will achieve all your goals!

This is the time of the year that most of us or if not at least some of us are thinking and talking about setting goals.

Some of you may already have set your goals others are about to do the same.

This blog is not about me teaching you how to set goals, not at all.

I’d like to suggest you have a different mindset when setting your goals to include adaptability and flexibility to your goals.

Adaptability for you to make rapid changes when your circumstances require you to do so.

2020 was a good example whereby all of us had to make quick changes, sometimes not so pleasant ones to our lifestyle which include both private and professional areas of our lives.

Think about your goals being adaptable so if the unexpected happens you’ll be able to change things around quickly and effectively.

Also bear in mind that adaptability is something natural to us because as you may know the human brain is designed to adapt and learn, even though we do things in different ways unique to each one of us all of us adapt and learn. And because it is a natural process it is quick.

The second element to add to your goals is flexibility.

First, let’s consider the opposite of flexibility, which is something rigid, not malleable.

When your goals are rigid, whey they are set to go from A to B in a straight line, when they are tied up to conditions or rigid steps meaning I can only achieve step one if this or that happens first and if the unexpected happens like for instance 2020 then your goals will break, they will collapse.

This will only add to the stress, insecurity and anxiety and that’s precisely what you want to avoid.

However, when you add flexibility to your goals you give yourself room to manoeuvre; you allow yourself to zigzag your way around challenges or obstacles.

The combination of Adaptability and Flexibility added to your goals has one purpose; result which means achieving all your goals.

This combination also gives control of all your goals because you know that you can make changes quickly and effectively whenever your circumstances require.

Let’s take action right now.

If you have already set your goals, go back and look at them through the lenses of adaptability and flexibility and see how flexible and adaptable they are. Perhaps you’ll need to make some changes or not.

If you are about to set your goals to visualise or feel your goals through the lenses of adaptability and flexibility so, you’ll know that the end result will be achieving your goals.

When doing this process, you feel a knot in your stomach or a tightness in your chest in other words resistance, then let’s have a chat; get in touch with me.

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Please do share this blog with others so they too will the opportunity to add adaptability and flexibility to their goals.