Focus on your circumstances:
They are different from everyone else’s

Be aware of what’s going on in the world out there but focus on your circumstances because they are different from anyone else’s.

As you may know, we all experience reality in different ways; we all see the world from a different perspective. For these reasons our circumstances are different from others; we act and react in different ways.

When you pay too much attention to what’s going on out there, it will inevitably lead to Anxiety, Stress and Fear.

I’m not asking you to ignore what’s around you, especially not in these challenging times, but the focus should be on what’s happening with you, on your circumstances; what is going on with you related to both your private and professional life.

Ask yourself whether what you are going through is either the same or similar to what’s going on with others. If the answer is Yes then, take control
of your situation.

Ask yourself

“What can I do to change my circumstance?”

How can I do it?”

Who can help me?”

Even if you are experiencing a little bit of Anxiety and Fear, you know that you can change it because you have control of your circumstances and not of the world.

You do this exercise every time you notice that your focus is on the outside and not on you.

You do this exercise when you are paying too much attention in the world out there because what’s happening out there can be totally different from what’s happening with you.

When you realise that your circumstances are completely different from others then be companionate and kind to them and be very grateful for your success.

So, let’s take action right now.

Stop what you are doing and focus on what’s going on around you.

Is it similar to everyone else’s? If so, take action.

Is it different from everyone else’s? If so, be grateful.

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