A few years ago, during my training, they told me:

Today you will set your goals

The minute I heard the word “goal”, being Brazilian, I saw a football match!
Actually, during the exercise, while I was setting my goals, I kept seeing a football match.
So, instead of resisting, I put myself in the pitch, never having played football in my life.
I started thinking about it.

So, the rules of football are very simple and specific.

  • The “Goal” is to score as many goals as possible, preferably more than the opponent so you can get the results you want.
  • The physical goal, wherever you are in the pitch is huge, you can see it everywhere and you know where you need to go to score.

I thought at first that going from “A” to “B” was a straight line. Instead, that happens quite rarely. In fact, you have the opponent trying to block you, to avoid you from getting the result, to score.

Sometimes you have to zigzag your way around things, perhaps obstacles, towards the goal.

Like football, you don’t have to achieve your goal alone.

Sometimes you need to stop a minute, look around, and perhaps another player is in a better position to score the goal. So, you need to pass the ball to somebody else with other skills that you don’t have, like a better position.
So, what do you do? You pass the ball. And although you pass the ball or your goals to the other person, they are still your goals.
You need to walk along with the person to make sure that either you or them will achieve your goal.
Because at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who gets there as long as you get there.

Like a football match, your goal needs to have a time.

So, when do you want to finish the goal? In football, it’s ninety minutes. In your case, I don’t know, a month? Three months? A year? You decide.
As long as you keep going until you get there, no matter how you get there. It must be clear in your mind where you want to go with it and keep going,

It doesn’t matter who scores as long as you do score, or somebody scores, as long as you achieve the goal, your result.

Can you see similarities between goal setting in sport, life, or career, or your business and what you have to do in a football match?

And can you see what are the advantages of setting goals?
There are many advantages, and you read about them in my article on the advantages of goal setting in business and life.

In if the meanwhile you’d like to share with me your goals and have a 30-minutes free consultation, all you have to do is to contact me via this form!

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Goal setting in sport and in life
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Goal setting in sport and in life
In this article, we discuss the similarities between goal setting in sport, life, career, or business and what you have to do during a football match.
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