How to Give Rest to Mind

The Mind, as well as the Body, needs to relax

Like the body, the mind needs to rest. That’s the reason for us to take time off, to take breaks during the day or to go on holiday.

When you are constantly thinking and focussing on whatever it is that needs your focus, when you are constantly busy and constantly on the go, your mind goes on overload which leads to mental exhaustion.

You know when you are mentally tired when you say to yourself that you can’t think or that you can’t remember anything. You may even think that there’s something wrong with you.

The problem is that your mind is overloaded with so many thoughts that it is literally exhausted.

Also when your mind goes on overload you overthink and second guess every decision you make.

You become mentally tired.

In order to rest your mind, you need to get out of your head to give your mind a break.

You give your Mind a break by stopping whatever it is that you are doing and just be, meaning not focussing on anything; allow your thoughts to
flow, to come in and out of your consciousness.

Stop paying attention. In doing so you create space in your mind to gather and organise your thoughts, so when you need any information you’ll
immediately remember where in your mind you can find it.

Give your mind a break just like you give your body a break.

Give your mind a break is this week’s challenge.

Now the purpose of this challenge or any challenge is for you to take action.

Taking action is the only way you know you can do anything.

Because if you just think you can life becomes a theoretical exercise, so you live your life in wonder, not in action.

Take action, do the challenge and give your mind a break.

Stop thinking, just be for as long or as often as you need and notice the difference.

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