If you have the urge to look too much to the other;

If you have the need to compare yourself to the other;

If your focus is on the other;

Stop it right now.

Comparing yourself to others is extremely dangerous.

As you may already know and if you don’t consider this as a recap, the human brain is designed to adapt and learn but we do so in different ways.

We experience reality in different ways.

We see the world through different lenses.

For these reasons, we are different from each other.

We are unique in our own way.

Comparing yourself to others is dangerous at any time, but particularly dangerous in challenging times.

When you compare yourself to others you limit your experience of the world.

You limit your own uniqueness. And you may develop the limiting belief that there’s something wrong with you.

You start asking yourself what you are doing wrong.

You are not doing anything wrong; you are doing things in your own way; just different from anyone else.

When you think that you are doing something wrong, you create doubt in yourself or self-doubt, which then creates insecurity, which creates anxiety and worst of all it creates fear You know very well that when you are afraid you can’t take action, and when you can’t take action you get stuck.

Stop comparing yourself to others right now.

You are not like everyone else.

You are unique.

You are your own unique self.

Let’s take action right now.

Celebrate your uniqueness.

Embrace your uniqueness.

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