One of my previous articles was on the importance of the words that we use with the others and with ourselves. At the end of it, I promised I would explain how to change the language you use to yourself.

Here we go!

How you talk to yourself matters and today I will explain to you how you can talk yourself into happiness.

We’ve been programming or teaching our brain for a very long time. Indeed, our brain is programmed to learn.
This process never ends, so you can teach your brain how to think differently.

We all have an internal dialogue, and you are the one who chooses the words.

If you find it hard to believe, here is a nice and easy exercise to try.

So, you get the structure “What if …” and then you say “I” and the verb is in the present.

  • For example, when you think “I don’t have time”, try to immediately ask yourself: “What if I do have time? What if I reorganize my day so I have time”?
  • When you say to yourself “that is too hard”, try to immediately change to “What if it is not that hard” or “what if I get help”, “What if I look at it from another angle?”
  • And if you say to yourself, “I’m not good enough”, then try to say “what if I am good enough?”, “What if I choose to be good enough?”, “What if I want to be good enough?

When you repeat that, your brain starts looking for answers. It looks for resources that support you in everything you do or you want to do in your life.

Perhaps now you are wondering how long it takes to do that?

Well, for you to change the way you think, it takes consistency and repetition. Indeed, habits do not form overnight.  We know that.
Maybe we don’t remember, so let’s go back to that time we do not remember.

When you think about, for example, your morning routine, how do you know you have to brush your teeth? All of a sudden, as a seven-year-old or a five-year-old you woke up and you said: “Oh, Mum, I’m going to brush my teeth now”? I don’t think so.
There were parents there repeating, “Brush your teeth”, so many times… until you got the message. So much so that now you just do it.

The same happens with your thoughts.

You do it as often as you need to do it until the “I am not good enough” becomes the “I am good enough”.
Until the “I can’t do it” becomes the “I can do it, I choose to do it, I want to do it”.
Or until the “I am not” becomes “I am”.

It’s as simple as that. And you have the control.

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How you talk to yourself matters
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How you talk to yourself matters
How you talk to yourself matters: in this article, today I will explain to you how you can talk yourself into happiness and self-esteem.
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