Instead of Isolation always choose Connection; at any given time in your life always choose to be connected; whatever you are going through right
now be connected.

Humans beings were not born to be isolated. We were born to connect and be connected.

It is through being connected that we learn about life.

It is through being connected that we learn how to navigate our reality.

And it is through being connected that we learn about our differences and to respect our differences.

Through connection we learn to be flexible, to adapt and change whenever necessary.

We create and become part of a community through being connected, thus giving us a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Through connection we have support, so we don’t have to do anything alone. For example, when we have a problem and we struggle to solve it, we can always ask for help, we can ask for support, we have a different perspective of the problem when we are connected when we are in the community.

Through connection, we have more choices.

Nowadays, with the advances in technology, we have no excuses not to be connected, not to stay connected. Technology allows us to connect with the world and the world can be our oyster.

Only through connection, we are able to thrive.

Connection is this week’s challenge.

Pick up the phone and connect; with friends, family, neighbours and with those you have not connected in a while.

And most importantly, make new connections.

The more we connect, the more we thrive, the more we grow, the better we become.

If by any chance, just the thought of getting connected brings up resistance in you, then let’s have a chat.

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I am here to support you and to connect with you.

Please share this blog with others so they too can choose to be connected.