Success Mindset is something I’ve been thinking a lot recently. I was wondering why some of us become very successful and others don’t make it.

In fact, all of us, without exception, and regardless of our background, started off the same way.

We were born knowing absolutely nothing.
However, soon after we were born, we realized that if we wanted to eat, we needed to take action. And we did. We made ourselves heard loud and clear. And we kept being loud and clear till we got what we wanted!

And some months later, we discovered we could use our legs to stand up and walk. We stood up and took our first steps.
And it didn’t matter how many times we fell down, we got up again to go where we wanted to go, and we kept going until we got there.

So, I believe there are 3 fundamental keys to success.

  1. The belief you can do it,
  2. taking action
  3. and persistence.

However, and yes there is a however in here, some of us choose to bury these keys to success along the way.
And I use bury instead of the word lose because you cannot lose what you were born with, internally.

Without a success mindset of belief, action and persistence our ancestors would never have invented the wheel.

We wouldn’t have electricity, we wouldn’t have gone to the moon and back.
In fact, we wouldn’t have been born!

And since it’s nearly springtime, it’s that time of the year when traditionally we do a spring clean.
We clean up our homes and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. And we usually get rid of stuff that does not serve us anymore. Stuff that is old, stuff that does not reflect who we are right now.

Now here’s a challenge.

Let’s do a spring clean with our thoughts and beliefs!

Let’s go inside and check those old thoughts and beliefs.
If they make you smile, keep them.
But if they make you frown, get rid of them.

When you get rid of the old stuff that you really don’t want, you create room for new resourceful thoughts and new beliefs.

Beliefs that reflect who you are right now.
So, go ahead, do it! It’s spring after all!

My  reflection about The Power of Thoughts can show you why you should start choosing thoughts that can serve your success mindset much better

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Success Mindset: rediscover what guided us
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Success Mindset: rediscover what guided us
Success Mindset differentiates us as we grow up, but we were all born with the same 3 fundamental keys to success. Discover how to unbury them!
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Regina Brancato-Dunderdale
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