In my previous article, I described how daunting looking inside myself had been for me.

It was, though, a crucial part of my process of personal transformation.

The changes didn’t come to me like a BANG! No, transformation spoke to me quietly, softly.

I didn’t notice. Other people did. My fellow practitioners, people I knew, friends. They used to look at me and tell me

“you look different, is there something different about you? did you change your hair colour or something?”

Which was quite funny.

My personal transformation came quietly, I carried on with my training and my studies.

And, little by little, things became clearer to me.

Decisions I had to make, I made them quickly and with clarity.

As to my purpose, it was out there somewhere in a bit of a blur. It was the same as when you are driving through the fog when you notice there is something in front of you, but you don’t know exactly what, you just see the shape. That’s what happened to me, my purpose was out there somewhere, shrouded by fog.
Until, little by little, the fog lifted, and I saw my purpose very clear.

The minute my purpose became clear to me, I made the conscious decision to make it even clearer, so I would never lose sight of my purpose again.

Learning how I did, can help you discover how to visualise your goals never to lose sight of them.

Once my purpose became clear, I imagined my purpose as a picture.

I put this picture in front of me, not too close, far enough for me to have a total view of my purpose.
I made this picture big and I put colours and movement in it. So, it was a tridimensional image, and I could see everything moving around it.
It was a panoramic picture, with no frame.

Also, I attached feelings to the picture. Those feelings came from my solar plexus, on top of my stomach.

I added to the picture intense feelings of

  • Satisfaction,
  • Joy,
  • Pleasure,
  • Pride,

of being reacquainted with my goal.

Also, there was movement, a little bit of adrenaline going on.

Now, I can access that picture and the feelings that come with that picture, wherever I am, anytime.

Even when I close my eyes before I fall asleep.

So, if I was able to go through this powerful and positive personal transformation, so can you! I don’t have superpowers. I do not need any superpower to be completely transformed, and neither do you.

If you are perhaps now wondering what my purpose is, well it is what it used to be all along. In my previous lives, to be a teacher; in this life, to be a hypnotherapist. To help people.

So, if these concepts resonate with you, if you’re feeling stuck with no direction, if you don’t know what to do, if you are feeling empty, get in touch with me.

Register for a free consultation, we can talk about it. And if it’s not you, but a person you know, or a friend, share this article with them. I’d love to help them.

How to visualise your goals
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How to visualise your goals
In this article, I will tell you what I did once my purpose became clear discover how to visualise your goals never to lose sight of them.
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Regina Brancato-Dunderdale
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