People are sometimes scared of the future, believing nobody knows what it holds. However, we have more control over our future than we think.

In this article, I will show you how the choices you make shape your future.

It doesn’t have to be a major decision. The way we measure time at the moment, today becomes tomorrow pretty quickly. So, you can make a decision right now that will change your tomorrow, and
perhaps the weeks to come.

You can…

  • send an email accepting or refusing a job offer,
  • buy something new online,
  • decide tonight you are going to start a new regime,

so you go to the gym, cut coffee, increase water, reduce sugar. And that all changes your future.

You are the only one with the power to decide and choose. Therefore, you can control it.

So it’s not true that the future is unknown: it is known. You know what’s likely to happen when you make a decision.
Companies have a two-year, three-year or five-year plan, so they can change and adapt when things don’t go according to plan.
So can you.
If you make a choice which is not really what you expected it to be, you are the only one with the control and power to change it.
Even if your decision involves other people, even if it’s a team effort, you can change it. You can have a conversation and change what’s not working.

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When you understand how your choices shape your future, and you believe you can control the future, that

  1. gives you firstly, great power
  2. and secondly reduces Anxiety.

Anxiety is always related to the future.

You don’t get anxious about the past or the present. You get anxious about tomorrow.
Knowing that you can change anytime you want, reduces anxiety and keeps it under control.

Otherwise, if you don’t believe you can control your tomorrow, you may go into a downward spiral of

  • “what if I fail?”
  • “what if it all goes wrong?”
  • and “what if I lose everything?”

Then, anxiety takes over and you get stuck.

So have control, be sure that you can control your future. Be sure that you can change anything in your life. This way, you keep your anxiety at bay.
When you have anxiety, you lose your confidence because you second guess yourself all the time. So, you may become very insecure.

Have control, instead. Believe that you can change your future either in the big or small decisions.

Now if at this very moment in time anxiety has taken over, then let’s have a chat. Send me a message to have a 30-minute FREE consultation.
And please don’t wait until tomorrow and share this article now. It can help someone else.

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How your choices shape your future
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How your choices shape your future
We have more control over our future than we think.In this article, I will show you how the choices you make shape your future.
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