What kind of conversation do you have with yourself?

And when you have this conversation with yourself do the words you use support you or sabotage you?

How do you feel when you have the conversation with yourself?

We all have an internal dialogue.

We all talk to ourselves.

It can be out loud like I do.

Happily having a loud and clear conversation with myself while walking down the street.

Making everybody cross the road to avoid the crazy woman walking towards them!

Or it can be very quiet within yourself.

And the words you use, what kind of words are they?

Do you use words that drag you down?

Such as

“Oh no don’t go for that job, you’ll never get it!”


“of course you’re not going to get that promotion, you’re too young!”


“look at yourself in a mirror, you’re too old!”

Or You can choose words that lift you up.

“Go on! Go for that Job!”
“You can do it!”
“You have the skills!”
“If you’re not happy look for another job”.
“There will never be a right time, so go for it”.
“And of course you are good enough”.
“You have a lot of experience”.
“You can do what you want”.

And when you have this conversation with yourself pay attention to that internal thermometer that measures the temperature of your emotions.

See how you feel about the words you use.

How you feel about the words that drag you down.

How you feel about the words that lift you up.

And now I am going to throw another question in the mix.

Who chooses the words you use in your internal conversation?

And of course, the answer is You!

No one can do it for you, it is your conversation.

And even if you decide to share this conversation with friends, they still do not know exactly what you are thinking.

You may change some words.

You may say things just to please them.

Only you have the power to choose the words that drag you down or words that lift you up.

Which brings us to this week’s challenge.

Be aware of your conversation with yourself.

Pay attention to the words you say to yourself.

Pay attention to how you feel.

Choose the words that lift you up!

You have the power.

You decide.

And if you have problems doing this exercise, then get in touch with me.

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Or send me an email or drop me a text.

I am here to support you!

And please do share this blog with others so they can benefit from it as well.